What is Bremer Schlüssel? 
Bremer Schlüssel is an anti- theft system installed in the headtube of a bicycle (see pictures num.x). It interrupts the connexion between the handlebar and the wheels, so that it becomes unrideable.
By removing the key component the bicycle is put into an unusable condition. (see picture num.x). The key component is under possesion of the user. 
Therefore the bicycle is not maneuverable for anybody but the owner.
Bremer Schlüssel is patented and protected as a brand name.

Can Bremer Schlüssel also be installed into a second hand bicycle?

Yes, it is applicable to all types of bicycles.

Does one need further locks? 
For long term parking it is recommended to protect the bicycle with an additional lock to prevent its being carried away.

What happens if one loses the key of Bremer Schlüssel?

With a certificate, that the customer receives with the purchase of Bremer Schlüssel, the key can be reordered.

Is Bremer Schlüssel forgery-proof?

Yes. The Bremer Schlüssel has different codes for each product avoiding any kind of falsification and abuse.

Each Bremer Schlüssel has an individual key component that is only functional with one bicycle.

(see picture num.762).

This prevents that other users of Bremer Schüssel intentionally or unintentionally unlock a bike which is not their own.

How secure is Bremer Schlüssel? 
Bremer Schlüssel is a stable unit on the bicycle. It has been tested in extreme situations and has proven itself as a very robust and functional product.

How heavy is the key? 

The weight of the key is approximately  14 grams. 

Bremer Schlüssel

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